The APEC Business Advisory Council and industry leaders due to convene

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Later this month, HoChiMinh will be the convergence point for a mix of APEC and business leaders attending the quarterly APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) Meeting in Vietnam.

During the meeting, business professionals, up to 3, chosen by their respective economies, representing industry will attend. Thus the concerns of industry leaders will be heard by a regional delegation of policy makers aiming to reduce impediments to the expansion of business across borders. This will have positive implications in the development and growth of the region.

Corporate bodies have had an integral role in ABAC since the Councils beginning in 1995. The ABAC Meeting provides an industry focus in discussions among APEC leaders which sets it apart from policy driven international delegations. Therefore, the ABAC meeting is a chance for APEC leaders to hear discussions of current issues, which are impeding business and investment environments in the region.

Six working groups of ABAC will participate at the meeting, sharing their recommendations. These groups will focus on issues including investment and trade liberalization, food and energy security, regional economic integration, technological transfer, public-private partnership, green growth, the stability of financial system, the relations between the region, G20, ABAC and APEC.

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