APEC Group on Services (GOS) approves Mining and Energy Services Symposium Report

Thursday, October 01, 2015

The APEC Symposium ‘Good Policy and Regulatory Practices for Facilitating Trade and Investment in Mining and Energy Services’ was held in June of this year in Perth, Australia. This symposium brought together trade officials, regulators, academics and industry representatives to discuss the direction of future reform in mining and energy services in a practical, collaborative atmosphere. It offered a conceptual framework for adding to APEC members’ understanding of the benefits of open and competitive services markets in mining and energy services. The symposium was designed to be highly practical and interactive, examining “what works and what doesn’t” when it comes to regulation of mining and energy services across different jurisdictions and different economic circumstances.

The Symposium's Report has recently been endorsed by the APEC Group on Services (GOS) and can be found here.