Peru begins its APEC term with a continued focus on MSMEs

Tuesday, January 12, 2016
By Cassandra Oaten


Peru, Chair of APEC for 2016 has appointed Quality Growth and Human Development as its theme for their APEC year which will guide the years APEC priorities.

It demonstrates a deliberate shift to think more holistically about dimensions of development, prosperity, and growth. The theme includes human, environmental and quality of living aspects that are not always able to be measured via monetary value and GDP quantitative analysis.

This year there has been a push to respond to climate change to help economies adapt to disruptive change and meet challenges with resilient infrastructure. There will be marine and forest ecosystem conservation initiatives and a large push to regulate and support the trade of environmental goods and services.

Extreme weather patterns and natural disaster events will diminish the achievements previously won by high quality sustainable development and the gains made from past initiatives, especially those in health and food security.  

The knowledge economy and human capital development is also a focus of 2016, especially skills for work in the region and STEM based education promotion activities which includes promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Service providers and micro, small and medium enterprises’ (MSMEs) around the region have continued their place on the APEC agenda. Their access to global markets, innovative technology and involvements in value chains have maintained their place as a regional priority.

A news release from the APEC Secretariat which includes details on more of this year’s themes can be viewed on the APEC Website.