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Australian aid symposium expands knowledge on trade in transport and logistics services across the APEC region

DFAT symposium on policies that affect and/or facilitate international trade and investment in logistics and transport services in APEC economies held in Hong Kong. Read more


Negotiation on the China-Japan-ROK Free Trade Agreement

Currently under negotiation is the China-Japan-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Read more


What an integrated ASEAN Economic Community will mean for service exporters

Common regulatory requirements will be a benefit of an ASEAN Economic Community. Read more


APEC regional trade and investment in education services the focus of DFAT symposium in Malaysia

Discussed during the symposium were strategies to enhance student, researcher and education provider mobility. Read more


Regional business leaders meet to discuss the long term prosperity of the region

Auckland, New Zealand is the location of the first APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) meeting of 2014. Read more


Internet service capabilities determining success across the APEC region

Smart technologies undeniably assist with servicing innovation which in turn creates growth in business and pushes market potential. Read more


Accessible global value chains will increase efficiency in component sourcing

Improving efficiency and maximising profits in supply chains across service sectors through access to global value chains. Read more


2013 – 2063: Export trends and opportunities fuelled by Asian demand

2013 – 2063: Export trends and opportunities fuelled by Asian demand expected to skyrocket in the next 50 years.


Read more


DFAT and the Australian APEC Study Centre run a symposium focusing on good policy and regulatory practices in facilitating trade and investment in financial services in the APEC region

Discussions on the regulation of trade and investment in financial services are held in Singapore 27-28 November 2012 for regulators, trade officials and private sector representatives.

Read more


Nation Building - Sharing risk and responsibility through ‘public private partnerships’

Nation Building - sharing risk and responsibility through ‘public private partnerships’ to finance large and expensive infrastructure projects.

Read more

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