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Status of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Free trade agreements (FTAs) reduce barriers to trade thus encouraging economies of scale where countries will produce products according to their strengths. Read more


Resources for Businesses Investing Overseas

Foreign investment is attractive to capital rich business’ who are looking to invest funds overseas. Their home economies may not provide ideal business environments or they may want to find high yielding opportunities abroad. Also, having the opportunity to invest in another economy helps to diversify portfolios which can mitigate risk as market volatility looms.

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APEC focuses on improving connectivity to enhance trade in the region

The APEC Secretariat, based out of Singapore named improving the Asia-Pacific regions transport and logistics networks, a highly supportive industry, as a key goal in its APEC at a Glance 2013 publication which was realised in January.

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Current doubt in the global market has resulted in many small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to act with caution when questioning expansion and not progress to supply export markets. Compared to large and multinational corporations (MNCs), most SMEs lack the overarching product diversity and capital reserves to mitigate the risk.


The OECD has published its predictions of the economies whose long term growth will cause a shift in the current proportions of global GDP share in the future. Significantly, India was forecasted to be on par with Europe’s current share of GDP by 2030 and will grow to have a share larger than the United States by 2060.


Sustained growth in East Asia: World Bank

East Asia had moderate growth in 2011, and the World Bank predicts that with a mixture of policies and other factors the area can be moderately protected from the EuroZone crisis, according to the World Bank's biannual report on East Asia, released 22 November.

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The Dow Jones (DJIA) and other stock market indicators experienced a jump yesterday reacting to positive news that came out of the United States that President Obama was making headway on agreements with Congress on a deficit-reduction plan to reduce the out of proportion spending by the US Government.


The level of funds under management (FUM) in Asia is extremely low compared to the level of population, a pattern that is comparatively reversed in other regions such as the Eurozone and Americas.


World Recovery Stalls According to IMF Revised Economic Forecast

In a disappointing development, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) revised down its 2012/13 World Economic Outlook (WEO) levels in July, dampening hopes of a swift global economic recovery.

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The APEC Business Advisory Council and industry leaders due to convene

Later this month, HoChiMinh will be the convergence point for a mix of APEC and business leaders attending the quarterly APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) Meeting in Vietnam. Read more

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