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The services industry has a vital importance to the equilibrium and growth of an economy. In May 2012, The Australian APEC Study Centre ran a regional Forum on Services Trade Policy in Ho Chi Minh titled, ‘Recognizing the importance of open services to manufacturing trade and investment in the APEC region.’

This forum followed on from a training course which was held in November 2011 which sought to raise awareness and improve the understanding of policymakers in APEC developing economies of the important role services play in supporting other sectors, in particular manufacturing.


Many considerations have to be taken into account by organizations wishing to expand their business to a foreign market. The decision of the most appropriate choice of location is crucial for financial success. Knowing that consumers in the target market will accept and utilize the incoming service or product is imperative; managers and risk controllers must also consider the regulatory obstacles to success.


Current uncertainties within the European Union are having huge ramifications outside the region causing global markets to retract in caution. This is due to the current ambiguity surrounding Greece’s political landscape, the rumor of the nation’s possible separation from the European Union and the doubt of the success of negotiations between European leaders over the enforcement of austerity measures.

The ASEAN+3 Asian Bond Market Initiative (ABMI) is an initiative to promote regional financial integration, utilizing Asian savings to feed back into markets, relinquishing capital for growth.


Foreign Direct Investment Flow Trends in the Asia-Pacific Region

As the effects of the 2007 Global Financial Crisis spread, unsustainable pricing bubbles burst in sectors such as housing and banking, confidence in existing systems fell and an increase in cautionary measures swiftly took hold. As a result, foreign direct investment (FDI) flows in the Asia-Pacific region also fell. Read more

At the annual APEC finance ministers meeting, 10 November, APEC finance ministers committed to improving the free flow of financial services in the region as a way to remain economically stable, and they told European leaders to move faster to fix their financial troubles.


World Trade Organization releases 2010 statistics

The World Trade Organization released its 2010 trade statistics, showing growth in many areas, but total trade is still below pre-crisis levels. Read more


Leaders prepare for APEC 2011 Conference

The APEC 2011 meetings are scheduled to conclude in November Leaders Week, scheduled from 7 November through 13 November in Hawaii, USA. Read more


Australian Trade Commission releases financial services report

Financial and insurance services compose the largest proportion of the Australian economy and is among the strongest areas of growth since 1998, according to a report released by Austrade this month. Read more


Economics, health, women equality and transport at APEC's SOM3

Delegates ended APEC's SOM 3 and related meetings with action plans for connecting economies seamlessly, reducing diseases, empowering women and building better transportation systems. Read more

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